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Hi, Here is Qingyuan Liang,

I am an illustrator, designer and photographer.

Welcome to my world:)


My life philosophy is to make boring days glow, and my ultimate dream is to measure the world with my feet.

I draw inspiration from life and travelling. Through visual narratives (Zines, picture books and graphic novels) to tell what I have learnt in life. I love to draw and create worlds for my main characters with my paintbrush.


Graphic novel


“Bloom” is for people who are struggling with grief. Through six stories about a young girl. It tells the process of how she thinks about life and death from the time she lost her father at a young age until the time she became a funeral director. It is a story of hope. It tells how the meaning of life is love and companionship. It also reveals that "life and death are essentially two sides of the same coin; therefore, there is no end to life." We can all face grief, confusion or fear of death with equanimity. However, as the book says, “Everything will come full circle, just as the flowers will bloom in the coming spring.”

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